Contracting Officers

Brick only works if the federal government also secures some benefits. Below are several and, best of all, our service is free for the government.

1. More times than we want to remember, MGI has walked into a meeting with a new, federal SB, potential client with a ton of excitement derived from a capability statement. In many cases, that excitement faded quickly because the capability statement was embellished.

Did the SB actually participate in the project or was it performed by the super sub / large business?

Pre-qualifying contractors and assessing their viability is what MGI does. We analyze them daily and with some very large stakes. First, we not only have access to a contractor’s financial statements, MGI can quickly pick out any minor hint of danger ahead. Further, we provide you with the financial statement and our breakdown/analysis. The financials will be updated in the Brick Package on a yearly basis to ensure current information is at your fingertips.

Finally, we thoroughly break down the construction company’s field operations to determine optimal job size. This analysis is also in the Brick Package.

Bottom line – we eliminate the pretenders & the government gets a great project.

2. Perception – most divisions in the federal community prefer contracts go full & open. The rationale is they feel the product is a better job with no hassles. MGI’s experience tells us that mindset is way off base. We represent roughly 300 contractors – 50% in the normal construction market. The point is we have experience with both SBs and LBs. Our Set Asides can hold their own with anyone.

We want KOs to have the confidence to select a great SB. Our Brick Packages and analysis provide the ammunition necessary.

3. Direct Access to the Surety & a low maintenance project. Problem on a project with one of our contractors? Call Scott Mahorsky & Jack Beecher directly. Rest assured, we’ll address it. Our goal is a great project with low drama. Our track record indicates MGI/Brick delivers.

4. SB GOALS – not only can we help you hit your SB GOALS, we’ll help you knock it out of the park. SDVOB? HubZone? Tribal 8a? Last minute sole source? We’ve got the best.

5. Project Monitoring System – this product consistently monitors our Brick projects through the entire project through completion – communicating with both the contractor/government regularly and resolving any minor conflicts as they develop & before they metastasize.