Brick is an exclusive service available only to MGI contractor clients. Below are some benefits they receive:

1. Assistance in developing relationships with specific federal contracting entities/personnel and military facilities. Historically, MGI has worked with numerous construction companies that were fantastic technicians in the field and delivered a first class finished product. Those same companies detested the marketing component which is a requisite to optimal success in the federal contracting community. What good is being the best contractor if nobody knows it? Brick helps fill the void.

2. Brick develops a comprehensive capabilities package on each of our participating contractors and submits personally to targeted government offices & locations – examples would be NASA, USACE, NAVFAC, Fort Bragg, or VA locations. The Brick Package is significant and mirrors a multi-page submission MGI would submit to a bonding company to secure surety credit for a construction company.

3. The goal is help our clients secure the most attractive federal projects. Lower competition / higher profit. Sole source, SATOC, MATOC, MACC, etc…

As risk managers, MGI also benefits. Our contractors grow their balance sheets through these profitable projects and strengthen their companies. MGI has less risk. The contractors also develop long term relationships with the Obligee and enter into multi-year contract vehicles that help them plan/project their future. MGI has less risk.

The federal government enjoys perhaps the largest advantage – please see the Contracting Officers tab above. Everybody likes a Win, Win, Win scenario!

4. Critically Important – Brick doesn’t only help secure projects for our contractors & develop relationships between all entities, WE MONITOR THESE SPECIFIC PROJECTS THROUGH COMPLETION.  Please ask about our Project Monitoring System.